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In all the Western media craze over the young Pakistani activist Malala, there is a key point ignored about her: She is not only a Muslim feminist, she is a socialist with Marxist tendencies. In her own words: “I am convinced Socialism is the only answer and I urge all comrades to take this struggle to a victorious conclusion. Only this will free us from the chains of bigotry and exploitation.”
The two most important things about Malala Yousafzai that people conveniently (and often deliberately) forget. (via mehreenkasana)



Radish sculptures of polar bears, pandas, and llamas are too cute to eat!


Typically during winter in Japan, families gather around a portable stove to cook food in a steamy pot of meat and veggies. They call this a ‘nabe’ (pronounced as na-bay). Last December, boredom got the best of Masanori Kono, so he decided to play with one of the ingredients: grated daikon radish. His first creation was a polar bear, sculpted entirely out of the radish and given seaweed eyes and nose.

Shortly after posting a photo of it on twitter, his Daikon Art became viral. Since then, he’s made other recipes like pandas, llamas, sheep, and cats. He’ll also be coming out with a book called ‘Grated Daikon Art’, which features photos and recipes from his collection.

We know, we know, our mothers told us not to play with our food. But how can we resist when they’re this cute?!


This is David Pocock, captain of the Australian rugby team. I saw him on the current affairs show Q&A today, but I didn’t know who he was because I don’t watch sport. At first all I thought was damn he’s fine lookin’. Then he started to speak.

First he started to speak out against sexist double standards in sport and I thought I must have been hearing things. This is a rugby player? Then he expressed his opinion that athletes in the public eye should be held accountable for any sexism, racism or homophobia that they choose to share via social media. He then spoke up about the reality of climate change and the ad he did in support of the carbon tax, and discussed his views on gay rights, gay marriage, and how wrong it is that it’s so hard for athletes in his profession to come out because of the culture of machismo. Not to mention, the whole time he was sweet, self-effacing and articulate.

Then my brain imploded from the thought that the perfect man might actually exist. But we haven’t been sucked into a wormhole yet so there must be some terrible secret he’s hiding because there’s no way he’s that perfect…

By the way, that’s him and his girlfriend. They’ve decided not to get married until their gay friends can get married too.





David Pocock is amazing.

"The biggest thing in this debate is that we’re dealing with people here. And how can you blame someone for what they are? People don’t choose their sexuality and we marginalize the LGBTI community for what they are. I think that this is a conversation that needs to be had and that needs to be discussed compassionately and actually come to something that’s reasonable. And in my mind, that’s marriage for everyone. We’ve moved forward on so many issues and this is the next progression."

"A lot of gay people may not believe in the institution of marriage, but I believe it needs to be an option. How can we be challenging homophobia when we’re saying. ‘You’re equal to me but you’re separate. I’ll go sign this [marriage] document here but you can go have your civil union,’ which is the same, but not really."

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