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Let’s Tessellate

Tasmanian local Francois Fourie has been helping internationally renowned photographer William Patino experience the most of Tasmania over the past few days, taking incredible photographs along the journey. This beautiful shot captures two natural wonders unique to Tasmania, the Tessellated Pavement and the Aurora Australis.

Located just over an hour away from Hobart by car in the Tasman National Park, the Tessellated Pavement is a geological phenomenon created through a mix of erosion and the expansion of salt crystals within the rocks, creating a tile-like appearance.

It is also a wonderful vantage point for viewing the spectacular Aurora Australis, a natural light display that can appear in a variety of vivid colours across the night sky including greens, blues, yellows and reds.

See their adventures on Instagram now: william_patino and ffourie

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Photo Credit: Published on Instagram by ffourie.


Chasing The Aurora

Tasmania’s sky shines bright on a clear night with the pinpricks of thousands of stars. The Australian state boasts one of the clearest skies in the world allowing the stars to shine undimmed, including common sightings of the beautiful Milky Way galaxy. The natural occurrence of the Aurora Australis sporadically brings this already beautiful skyline vibrantly to life. Bright colours in pink, green, yellow and more play across the sky. This picture was shot near Howden, south of the capital Hobart. 

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Photo Credit: Published on Instagram by spkruit

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